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open up a world of rewards

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Welcome to 2degrees World

2degrees World lets you create your own personal 2degrees World of friends and family. Simply invite them to join you on 2degrees, and when they bring their number from another network and top up, you'll both be rewarded.

Our customers tell us that life on 2degrees
is pretty good. And we bet you have some
friends and family who could benefit from
being with us.

A welcome reward
for every friend who joins 2degrees

As a 2degrees Prepay or Pay Monthly customer, if you get a friend or family member to join your 2degrees World by bringing their number to 2degrees and topping up, you will both be rewarded with a welcome reward.

A world of ongoing rewards

Plus, if you and your friend are both on 2degrees Prepay, 2degrees World will give you both ongoing rewards each time you top up within 90 days. You can choose from one of the top up rewards below for each friend that joins.

Simply make sure that both you and your friend top up within a 90 day period, and you'll both get a reward when you have both topped up (during this time frame). You can build your 2degrees World, friend by friend, and for each friend who joins, you'll have the chance to earn more rewards.

Set up a 2degrees World account now

How it works

  • You sign up

    Set up a 2degrees World account. It takes two minutes.

  • They accept

    Your friend accepts your invite (using the personal link we send with your invite).

  • SIM card

    We can send them a free 2degrees SIM, or they can get a SIM themselves from any of our retailers.

  • They join 2degrees

    They bring their number to 2degrees and when this is complete, they become a part of your 2degrees World.

  • Collect your reward

    And if your friend tops up, you'll both earn a welcome reward. Hooray!

  • Keep earning rewards

    You choose a top up reward for that friend. They do the same. Then both of you need to keep topping up within 90 days to earn even more rewards.

Repeat this process again and again with as many friends and family as you want. The more friends who join 2degrees, and your 2degrees World – the more rewards you can earn.

Read the 2degrees World Terms and Conditions

Managing your 2degrees World

Once you set up a 2degrees World account, you'll access your own personal 2degrees World dashboard.

From here, you can see:

  • Your friends on 2degrees

    See all of your friends who have joined 2degrees – as well as the dates when you and they need to top up by to keep earning top up rewards.

  • Invite your friends

    Invite your friends to 2degrees and see an up-to-date status of each invite you've sent.

  • Your rewards

    A summary of the rewards that you have earned so far.

Plus, you can access
other 2degrees World benefits:

  • Send a Text is for 2degrees World customers only

    Send texts from 2degrees World to up to five friends at a time. Remind them to accept your invite, or top up, or simply invite them over to your place for the weekend. Standard Rates apply. You can send up to 30 texts a day.

  • Try Your Luck

    Play our fun Try Your Luck game. You can test your skills once each day for the chance to win daily prizes including free minutes, free national data, or a smartphone.

  • Top up reminders

    We'll send you a friendly reminder text with your top up deadlines, and also, friends' top up deadlines. So you'll always know where you stand.

Life on 2degrees is now even better
with 2degrees World

There is a world of rewards waiting for you – so what are you waiting for?

Join 2degrees World now

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 200, or read our handy 2degrees World FAQs.

Why 2degrees?

2degrees has been around since 2009 and we're known for taking on the big guys and bringing value to the NZ mobile market. Everyday we continue to Fight for Fair.

  • We offer great value

    We offer our customers super value with things like Carryover Minutes, ALL YOU NEED TEXT* and calling and texting to Australia at no extra cost with our Carryover Value Packs – plus extras like the chance to earn FlyBuys Points.

  • Our network

    We've invested heavily in building a fast reliable network for New Zealand so can use your 2degrees mobile for calling, texting and data in 97% of the places that Kiwis live and work.

  • Bring your number

    You can bring your number when you join
    (even the 021 and 027 bit).

  • Award winning Customer Care

    Customer Care is free, NZ based,
    and you can get us 24/7.